Welcome to Entrepreneurs of Knoxville! If you’re a Business Owner or Founder, you’re in the right place! E.O.K. has been bringing smart people like you together for over 9 years! So, if you’re ready to take your business or startup to the next level, JOIN US!

In 2008 I was looking for advice from people who had started companies. I didn’t want opinion or academic advice. I wanted real Rubber-to-the-Road, Experience-based, knowledge imparted upon me from someone who had “been there done that”! I visited all of the places you’d expect to find answers when starting a company…the Chamber, Small Business Development, SCORE, and several others. They were all helpful but none of them provided the kind of answers I wanted. So, a few friends and I gathered a diverse group of experienced business owners and formed the first ever Entrepreneurs of Knoxville small group meeting at Panera Bread. It was AWESOME!

No place like E.O.K.!

I’ve connected with four different co-founders through E.O.K. over the years and am still working with two of them! I love the natural networking and connections that form out of E.O.K. You really get to know people, their personalities, their skills, and more. It’s the best place to find a partner for your next startup!

Co-Founder Matchmaking!